The Prosecutor General’s Office considered the fourth environmental organization undesirable

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office declared “undesirable” the American environmental organization Wild Salmon Center (WSC), which deals with the protection of Pacific salmon.

The agency claims that the declared goals of the WSC are a “cover”, and in fact the center tried to interfere in the economic development of the country.

As an argument The Prosecutor General’s Office referred to the fact that the organization was in favor of creating specially protected natural areas in the Far East. According to the agency, the WSC wanted to “withdraw” these areas from use, limiting “fishing and the activities of the gas and oil industry in Sakhalin in the interest of foreign non-governmental companies and private individuals.”

“Formally speaking, for the protection of nature, the organization interferes in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, which may harm Russia’s security in the economic sphere,” the Prosecutor General’s Office informed.

In addition, they noted that the WSC is funded by private entities, “including Google Corporation”, as well as the US government represented by the Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Interior.

This is the fourth environmental organization recognized as “undesirable” in Russia. Earlier, the Prosecutor General’s Office recognized the Altai Project, in which it was involved, as such preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Altai and resisting the destruction of the traditional habitats of the snow leopard and birds of prey.

The Prosecutor General’s Office accused the Altai Project of sabotaging the construction of the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline and “an attempt to limit the competitiveness of Russian companies” due to the organization’s opposition to the development of the Kara-Kul field, arguing its position with negative environmental effects.

In late June, the Attorney General’s Office declared the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) “undesirable”. The agency said that the organization, under the pretext of environmental protection, is preventing Russia from developing the Arctic and its natural resources.

In May, the international environmental organization Greenpeace was declared “undesirable”. The Prosecutor General’s Office felt that this undermines the country’s economy and “requires changes in legislation to the detriment of citizens’ interests. Subsequently, the Russian branch of Greenpeace announced the closure.


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