The propagandist Solovyov found a fifth villa in Italy

Propaganda Vladimir Solovyov tried to hide another, fifth estate in Italy. The property, recorded on the TV presenter’s mother, was discovered by “Important Stories”. An excerpt from the register was published in the journal.

From the investigations of the Alexei Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation, it was known that Soloviev fully owns two houses, partially one, and his mother the other. However, as it turned out, Irina Solovyova was given not one, but two Italian villas, and the second one is also located on Lake Como.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, a propagandist who supported the invasion was sanctioned by the EU, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and other countries. In March 2022, Italian authorities arrested Sołowiow’s two villas on Lake Como, with a total value of €8 million.

Navalny’s team, which discovered the host’s unaccounted for residences, asked Italy’s Financial Security Committee, which monitors compliance with EU sanctions, to seize the property as well. They also proposed revoking the visas and residence permits of Solovyov’s family members. In 2019, a propagandist said that he and his children have them. However, he is currently banned from entering all EU countries.

Solovyov recently accused European authorities of Nazism and anti-Symmetry. “I have no questions for these Nazi bastards. They are Nazis. First, they deprive Jews like me of their property in Italy. We Jews are no strangers to how European Nazis deprive us of our property,” he said.

Meanwhile, the presenter himself regularly calls for the bombing of European countries, including with nuclear weapons. Among the targets he mentions France, Great Britain and Poland, accusing them of military aid to Ukraine.


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