The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan sold USD 35.0 million on the market

BISHKEK, March 13 (Reuters) – Kyrgyzstan’s National Bank sold $35.0 million in the interbank foreign exchange market on Monday to support the som exchange rate, the National Bank said.

Since the beginning of 2023, this is NBP’s fifth entry into the market.

In 2022, the National Bank conducted eight interventions, selling USD 486.50 million on the foreign exchange market, of which USD 66.65 million in cash, as well as seven interventions to purchase US dollars for the amount of USD 190.74 million.

Net sales in 2022 amounted to USD 295.76 million.

($1 = 87,4200 som) (Olga Dzyubenko, text by Maria Gordeeva. Edited by Dmitry Antonov)


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