The Ministry of Labor will allocate 100,000 rubles to parents whose children suffered in the war

Relatives of children affected by the war in Ukraine will receive 100,000 each. rubles. The measure will only apply to Russian minors who have been wounded, wounded or shaken by a projectile. This project was prepared by the Ministry of Labour.

Payments will be made to parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 affected by hostilities from the occupied territories of Ukraine and the border regions – Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol and Rostov regions, as well as from Krasnodar Krai.

In May, a draft law was submitted to the State Duma, which provided for the payment of compulsory state insurance to military teachers who died in the first months of the war in Ukraine. The educators meant older brothers or sisters, grandparents, and other relatives, explained Senator Andrei Turchak. In fact, payments to caregivers have been made since July 14 last year, but only for those who have lost loved ones in the war zone after that date.

In addition, in mid-July, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which workers building fortifications in border areas may be eligible for payments. For grass or damage during shelling, they are entitled to 3 million rubles. In case of death, 5 million rubles will be paid to relatives. The decree applies to Russians working in Krasnodar Krai, Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov Oblasts, as well as in the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol.


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