The Ministry of Defense accuses the US of targeting Russian planes in Syria

Fighters of the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the US created a dangerous situation during the flight of a Russian military aircraft in Syria, said Rear Admiral Oleg Gurinov, deputy head of the Center for Reconciliation of the Warring States and Control of Refugee Movement, RIA Novosti reports.

According to him, the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces “was influenced by the guidance systems of F-16 fighters” when it made a scheduled flight along the southern border of Syria.

Gurinov also noted that in the al-Tanf region, through which international air routes pass, four pairs of F-16s and one pair of Rafal fighters recorded ten violations of Syrian airspace.

In addition, according to the rear admiral, the international coalition violated conflict resolution protocols 12 times a day. We are talking about drone flights not coordinated with Russia.

Previously, the CPVS had repeatedly accused the militants of the international coalition violations of Syrian airspace. The Center stressed that such actions “are dangerous indications of aviation incidents and accidents involving civil aircraft on regular flights.”

On July 16, the United States filed a complaint about the interception of an MS-12 reconnaissance aircraft by a Russian Su-35 in Syria. Due to the dangerous approach, MS-12 was forced through a turbulent wake that endangered the lives of four crew members. American officials. They said the incident prevented special forces from carrying out reconnaissance in support of operations against terrorist groups in Syria.

The US also blamed Russia that over the past two weeks his fighter jets had come dangerously close to the MQ-9 Reaper, deployed decoys, and forced the drones to perform evasive maneuvers.

The United States is considering several options to counter increasing Russian activity in the skies over Syriawhich, among other things, prevented attacks on the leaders of the Islamic State terrorist group earlier this month, a senior defense official said. In the end, the US military was still able to destroy the target.

The Pentagon noted that the Russian military activity, which intensified and became more aggressive in March, is due to the growing cooperation between Moscow, Tehran and the Syrian government to put pressure on the US to leave Syria.

Washington assured that they would not withdraw from the territory and would continue their missions to fight the Islamic State in the western part of the country.


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