The mechanism of self-destruction, which is the cause of the fight between Alexei Venediktov and FBK employees

The mutual accusation scandal between Maria Pevchikh and Alexei Venediktov, which began with an interview of Maria Pevchikh herself with Yuri Dudu, continued with Alexei Venediktov’s responses on the Living Nail channel and eventually reached the publication by Alexei Venediktov of Leonid Volkov’s letter supporting Mikhail Fridman and the assumption that Maria Pevchikh – “mole” … no, let’s start in order.

The Putin regime in the 2021 model could exist for at least another hundred years, despite all its inefficiency, theft, stupidity, cruelty – everything was blocked by oil prices. The Kremlin thieves could live in clover, but they wanted more, they wanted the whole world to reckon with Russia, which they organized. For 98% of the world’s population to listen to them, 2%, live sikkos-nakos.

It was impossible, and then the Putin regime started a war that would destroy it.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation could publish its investigations for at least half a century, increase the audience, collect likes and donations. But Alexei Navalny wanted more, he wanted the mythical Beautiful Russia of the future. It was impossible, and then Alexei voluntarily returned to Russia and ended up in prison, which is now destroying him and his life’s work, the political party he created.

The Russian occupation forces wanted to get to Kiev, but got stuck near Bakhmut. It was impossible to reach Kiev, and then the invaders began to destroy each other: Yevgeny Prigozhin – Valery Gerasimov, Valery Gerasimov – Yevgeny Prigozhin. Everyone against everyone.

Opposition journalists, even after the total purge of all free media in the first months of the war, recovered quite quickly – some left, some adapted at home, but generally they both broadcast and broadcast as they wrote, they write. But they wanted more, they wanted freedom and democracy, they wanted to denounce the regime in such a way that the whole nation would believe the denunciations. It is impossible. People don’t even believe their eyes. He sees his army marching into foreign territory and concludes – “we have been attacked”. There is no crime on earth that journalists would not present to the Putin regime with exhaustive evidence. But nothing happened. It is impossible to expose the regime in such a way that all people believe it.

And then journalists began to reveal themselves: Maria Pevchikh – Alexei Venediktov, Alexei Venediktov – Maria Pevchikh.

By the way, pro-government journalists are also engaged in self-destruction. It got to the point that Channel One did not show the Oscars ceremony. Konstantin Ernst started his career by opening the world to the Russians – Haute Couture Week in Paris, Carnival in Rio, bullfights in Pamplona… And now the world is closing to the Russians – isn’t that self-destruction?

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

Some sort of self-destruct mechanism has been activated. It does not depend on political views, or whether people live in Russia or in exile – they destroy themselves anyway. People can be for war or against it – they destroy themselves anyway. People can be for Putin or for Navalny – after all, the goals they declare are unattainable, the enemies are invulnerable, and these people are busy, if not directly destroying, then discrediting like-minded people.

Even the brightest thoughts, any activism and charity lead not so much to positive social changes as to clinical depression of the activist.

It’s hard to believe, just like in school, looking at a picture in a physics textbook, it was hard to believe that a poodle and a light feather fall the same way in a vacuum, but it’s true. We are in some kind of social vacuum where no matter what you do, the usual mechanisms do not kick in, but the mechanism of self-destruction kicks in.

And I don’t know how to turn it off.


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