The main project of the Russian aviation industry turned out to be unprofitable

The MS-21 passenger aircraft production program will remain unprofitable for the next 12 years, while maintaining the declared price. Andrey Klepach, chief economist of VEB.RF and chairman of the Council of Experts on Diversification of the Defense Industry Complex and Import Substitution at the Eurasian Aviation Congress, spoke about this.

“All estimates indicate that there will be no high income here. If we take the same MS-21 program, at the current planned price, there will be losses until 2035. Even if we reduce costs by more than 30 percent. – he said, commenting on the state of the aviation industry.

Klepach also described the aviation industry as a “non-economic economy”. According to him, aviation and space companies are periodically forced to restructure and receive funding every 3-5 years. According to his data, the aviation complex was at a loss last year, and the profitability over the past 5 years was around 1.7%.

According to the head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar, the list price of the MS-21 is $ 97 million. Speaking with Vedomosti in 2021, believed that he spent 220 billion rubles on the creation of the MS-21. and subsequent investments can be considered as investments in the development program of the aviation industry as a whole. It was assumed that UAC should deliver the first aircraft to Rossiya Airlines in 2022.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine toThe Irkut Corporation, which develops the MS-21 family, as well as all its branches, including the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, have been included in the sanctions lists of the EU countries, the USA and a number of other countries. Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borisov stated that plans for serial production of the aircraft will be postponed by a year or two: Russian companies would have to import more than 80 systems and components. The first six MS-21s with Russian PD-14 engines are to be delivered to airlines in 2024, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov promised.


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