The main events of the day – March 14

MOSCOW, March 14 (Reuters) – Here are the highlights of the day that could affect Russian assets (Moscow time).


– Russian President Vladimir Putin will go on a working trip to Buryatia, where he will visit the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and meet on the implementation of the Far East city development program, as well as meet with the head of the republic, Alexey Tsydenov.


– 10.00 – An extended meeting of the Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management will take place in the Federation Council.

– 16.00 – In the Federation Council, the deputy chairman of the Economic Policy Committee, Yuri Fyodorov, will organize a “round table” devoted to the current issues of the development of the Russian power industry.

– 16.00 – A meeting of the Industry and Trade Committee will be held in the State Duma. The agenda includes, in particular, the draft act on the extension of the validity of special investment agreements in the automotive industry in the first reading.

– The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation will organize a round table on the topic: “Digital financial assets – a new tool for attracting liquidity” with the participation of Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Market and Ivan Chebeskov, Director of the Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

– The pharmacy summit “Effective management of the pharmacy network 2023” will be held in Moscow.


Tuesday, March 14

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 1 billion rubles for 1 day

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 400 billion rubles for 7 days

– Repo auction of the Russian Treasury for mortgage-backed bonds, 8 billion rubles for 91 days

– Deposit auction of the Treasury of the Russian Federation, 300 billion rubles for 2 days

– Deposit auction of the Treasury of the Russian Federation, 100 billion rubles for 35 days

– Announcement of Wednesday’s OFZ auction parameters

Wednesday, March 15

– Treasury of the Russian Federation repo auction for 1 day

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 100 billion rubles for 35 days

– Auctions of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the placement of OFZ


Tuesday, March 14

– A meeting of EU finance ministers will take place during the day

– 03.30 – Australia, NAB Australian Business Confidence Index for February

– 02.30 – Australia, Westpac consumer sentiment index for March

– 10.00 – Great Britain, dynamics of the average wage for three months up to and including January

– 10.00 – Great Britain, dynamics of the number of applications for unemployment benefits in February

– 10.00 – Great Britain, unemployment rate in January

– 13.00 – USA, NFIB index of small business optimism in the US for February

– 15.30 – USA, consumer price index for February, general and core indicators

– 15.30 – Canada, industrial sales dynamics for December

– 16.30 – Great Britain, index of leading indicators for January

– After 24.00 – USA publication of data on changes in crude oil inventories over the last week according to the American Petroleum Institute (API)

Wednesday, March 15

– China will release FDI data for February

– 02.50 – Japan, publication of the minutes from the January meeting of the Bank of Japan

– 05.00 – China, industrial production for February

– 05.00 – China, investments in fixed assets for February

– 05.00 – China, retail sales for February

– 05.00 – China, base work level in February

– 05.00 – China, press conference of the National Statistical Office

– 10.45 – France, Consumer Price Index for February

– 13.00 – Eurozone, industrial production dynamics for January

– 15.15 – Canada, construction data started in February

– 15.30 – USA, producer price index, main and basic indicators for February

– 15.30 – Great Britain, presentation of the annual budget

– 15.30 – USA, retail sales dynamics for February, general and basic indicators

– 15.30 – USA, manufacturing activity index in March calculated by the New York Fed (Empire State Manufacturing Index)

– 17.00 – USA, dynamics of corporate stock exchanges for January

– 17.00 – USA, NAHB index of optimism on the real estate market in March

– 17.30 – USA, data on changes in crude oil and petroleum products inventories last week, provided by the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

– 23.00 – USA, volume of net purchases of long-term US Treasury bonds by non-residents in January

(Moscow office)


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