The main events of the day – July 18

MOSCOW, July 18 (Reuters) – Here are the day’s highlights that could affect Russian assets (Moscow time).


– A meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission will be held.

9.00 – Meeting of the Budget and Financial Markets Committee.

10.00 – There will be a meeting of the Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Nature Management.

12.00 – There will be a meeting of the economic policy committee.

16.00 – Open dialogue with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Chusnullin.


– Retailer X5 to release 2Q operating results


Tuesday July 18

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 1 billion rubles for 1 day

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 50 billion rubles for 7 days

– Bidding of CBR deposit for 1 week

– Repo auction of the Russian Treasury for mortgage-backed bonds, 8 billion rubles for 91 days

– Deposit auction of the Treasury of the Russian Federation, 150 billion rubles for 35 days

– Announcement of Wednesday’s OFZ auction parameters

Wednesday, July 19

– Treasury of the Russian Federation repo auction for 1 day

– Treasury repo auction of the Russian Federation, 50 billion rubles for 35 days

– Auctions of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the placement of OFZ


Tuesday July 18

– Planned meeting of the G20 at the level of finance ministers and central bankers

– The quarterly publication of the EU’s biennial economic forecasts should be published during the day

– 04.30 – Australia, publication of minutes from the last meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia on interest rates and monetary policy

– 07.30 – Japan, cost index of all services provided to the Japanese manufacturing sector for May

– 15.15 – Canada, construction start date June

– 15.30 – USA, retail sales dynamics for June, general and basic indicators

– 15.30 – Canada, publication of consumer inflation indicators (CPI, Core CPI, Common CPI, Median CPI, Trimmed CPI) for June

– 15.30 – Canada, RMPI index of prices of raw materials purchased by Canadian producers for June

– 15.30 – Canada, IPPI Canadian industrial price index for June

– 16.15 – USA, industrial production dynamics in June

– 16.15 – USA, capacity utilization in June

– 17.00 – USA, dynamics of corporate stock exchanges for May

– 17.00 – USA, NAHB index of optimism on the real estate market in July

– 17.30 – Australia, leading index for May

– 23.00 – USA, volume of net purchases of long-term US Treasury bonds by non-residents in May

– After 23.00 – USA publication of data on changes in crude oil inventories over the last week according to the American Petroleum Institute (API)

Wednesday, July 19

– 03.30 – Australia, index of MI leading indicators for June

– 09.00 – Great Britain, consumer inflation index for June, core and general indicators

– 09.00 – Great Britain, household inflation index including the cost of housing for June

– 09.00 – Great Britain, PPI for June

– 09.00 – UK, Producer Price Index for June

– 11.30 – Great Britain, home price index for June

– 12.00 – Eurozone, final consumer inflation index for June, main and basic indicators

– 15.30 – USA, construction started in June

– 15.30 – USA, number of building permits issued in June

– 17.30 – USA, data on changes in crude oil and petroleum products inventories last week, provided by the Energy Information Administration (EIA)

(Moscow office)


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