The leadership of the Russian regions was instructed to prepare for the continuation of mobilization

Despite statements that mobilization in Russia is over and regular denials of plans to start a “second wave” of subpoenas, the Kremlin continues to demand that governors be ready to continue mass conscription into the army, Faridaily reports, citing high-ranking sources in four regions of the Russian Federation.

According to them, there are no signs of preparations for a new stage of conscription right now. But the presidential decree on mobilization continues to operate and allows you to recruit new people for the war at any time.

Right now there is no need for a new mobilization, a high-ranking source close to the government, Faridaily, explains the logic of the authorities.

Of the 320 thousand people called up in September-October, by the end of the year, half entered the troops, and the rest continued their training at the training centers of the Ministry of Defense. “The human resource recruited during the last mobilization has not yet been exhausted,” the source says.

Interlocutors in the regions confirm the same information. “Many of those mobilized in the fall have just now been attached to the case, the Ministry of Defense simply does not need a new large set now,” says one of them.

In addition, there is an understanding in the authorities that the new mobilization is a “wildly unpopular thing”, so they will try to avoid it, another source notes.

But the army needs manpower if the Kremlin is to launch a new offensive in Ukraine, according to Western officials and intelligence officials interviewed by The Times.

According to them, the scale of the second wave of mobilization may exceed the first – up to 500 thousand people, and the start of the campaign is possible in April, when the spring thaw ends and the army will be able to attack.

Putin, we recall, in December approved plans to increase the size of the army by 350 thousand people, up to 1.5 million. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in January that this goal was planned to be achieved no later than 2026.


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