The Kremlin refused to comment on the deployment of air defense installations in Moscow

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov at a briefing on Friday declined to comment on information about the deployment of air defense systems in Moscow.

The issue of air defense installations, which were seen on the building of the Ministry of Defense on Frunzenskaya Embankment and other administrative buildings in the center of the capital, is within the competence of the military, Peskov said.

The Ministry of Defense “is responsible for ensuring the security of the country and the capital in particular,” he stressed, adding that questions should be asked to Sergei Shoigu’s department.

“It is better to ask about all the measures that are taken there – in the Ministry of Defense,” Peskov is quoted by Interfax.

Video showing the deployment of the Pantsyr air defense system on a building in Teterinsky Lane in Moscow appeared the day before in the telegram channel “Moscow calling”. The footage shows several people in military uniforms. raise on the roof of containers with Pantsir-S1 removed from the wheelbase. The building houses offices that are rented out for various activities.

Another complex was found on the roof of the main building of the Ministry of Defense. On him noticed OSINT Analyst Michael Borowitz.

When the ZRPK was installed is unknown. Presumably, this happened around the new year. At least a photo with him posted one of the Instagram users back on January 8th. He later added to the post link pictured on December 25th.

Sources of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, close to law enforcement agencies, noted that the authorities were worried about Moscow’s security back in October, after attacks drone to the military airfield “Shaikovka” in the Kaluga region, located 250 km from the Kremlin. Subsequently, an inspection of the chain of objects of the “air shield” of the capital in the Moscow region was organized, the results of which turned out to be unsatisfactory. The shortest distance from the border with Ukraine to Moscow by air is about 850 km.


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