The head of the Ministry of Health called the desire to educate women a malicious practice

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko called women’s pursuit of education and career development, postponing the birth of children, a “cruel practice”. Speaking in the State Duma, the minister stressed that the situation needed to be reviewed.

“A pernicious habit developed in society when a belief emerged that a woman should first get an education, make a career, secure her material base, and then only take care of bearing children. In this regard, many problems arise: infertility, miscarriage, in vitro fertilization. Reduced time for the birth of the third and fourth child. We need to analyze the situation, said the minister.

Muraszko spoke about the project of the Ministry of Health concerning the registration of abortion drugs in pharmacies. He noted that although the number of abortions has already decreased significantly, it can be reduced even further. We are talking about drugs for medical abortion, not drugs to prevent conception like Postinor. The minister believes that drugs for medical abortion should be subject to strict control in medical and pharmaceutical organizations, the same as psychotropic, potent and poisonous substances. The Ministry of Health will insist on adopting this initiative later this year.

In 2016, a bill banning the sale of drugs for medical abortion was submitted to the State Duma. However, the relevant State Duma Committee on Health Protection recommended the rejection of this bill, as pharmaceutical organizations are no longer allowed to sell abortion drugs intended only for use in medical facilities.

Medical abortion is considered the safest method of terminating a pregnancy. For its implementation, drugs from the group of antigestagens are used, they are used only under the supervision of a doctor in a medical institution. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2021-2022, the number of abortions decreased by 3.9% (16,213 cases), from 411,000 to 411,000. in 2021 to 395,000 in 2022


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