The head of Serbia said that “special services of the East” warn of the threat of a color revolution in the country

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić spoke about the trials organize a color revolution in the country. According to him, “special services from the east” warn against such a threat.

“I get data from various services, and our sister services in the East tell us that they are trying to color revolutions and so on. And I tell them – I don’t know what they are trying, all I know is that it’s disgusting to try to take advantage of the tragedy, the death of children, to become bigger, better and wiser for our nation than ever, ”said Vucic at a rally in Pancevo (quote from RIA Novosti ).

The head of Serbia also said that Belgrade would never recognize Kosovo’s independence.

On May 3, a student opened fire in one of the schools in Serbia. Eight students and a security guard were killed in the incident. Another girl later died in hospital from her injuries. On 8 May, the opposition organized a peaceful protest procession from the Assembly (parliament) to the government building. The slogan of the action was “Serbia Against Violence”. Vučić accused the opposition of using the tragedy for political purposes.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Vučić has strongly opposed possible sanctions, stressing that almost all oil and almost all gas for the Serbian economy comes from Russia. However, he later admitted that the country would join the restrictions imposed on Russia if the vital interests of Belgrade were threatened. And the head of the republic’s foreign ministry, Ivica Dacic, said that Serbia may join sanctions against Russia if it considers it necessary for its interests. He also said that accession to the EU was a priority for Belgrade. According to him, this requires joining the common European policy, including in the area of ​​sanctions.

The Serbian authorities refused to recognize the annexation of Ukrainian lands. Minister Dacic said that Serbia “condemns the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity” and voted accordingly in all international organizations. Moreover, Belgrade supported a UN resolution condemning Russian aggression in Ukraine.


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