The governor of the Belgorod region announced an invasion by Ukrainian troops

A sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has entered the territory of the Grajvoron district of the Belgorod region, governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

According to military correspondents, a convoy of Ukrainian armored vehicles entered the region. The Gray Zone Channel, which is close to PMC Wagner, reports that the invasion took place in the area of ​​​​the Grayvoron checkpoint: a T-72 tank entered, as well as armored combat vehicles and an infantry truck – 2 HMMWV, Cougar and KrAZ units.

Z-channel “Two Majors” writes that information is coming from the field that “6 to 8 units of enemy armored vehicles have arrived at the checkpoint. »Voenkor Kotenok Z” also reports an attack by the Ukrainian DRG in the Kozinka area, which, according to the channel, was “repulsed”

“Unofficial Bezsonov “Z” writes about a “small group” of armored vehicles that attacked the Russian border guards. In addition to the emergency response groups, aviation has been raised to the skies.

The Veteran’s Records channel notes that border guards have retreated to equipped positions, because the border crossing itself is not equipped for defense.

According to Gladkov, the Russian armed forces, together with the border service, the National Guard and the FSB, “take the necessary measures to eliminate the enemy.” Meanwhile, local residents report the sounds of explosions and helicopters flying across the sky.

Earlier, the region’s authorities informed about the shelling of the Grajvoron area by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to preliminary data, two inhabitants of the village of Głotowo were injured.



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