The government is discussing banning foreign satellites

The ministry is considering the possibility of banning the purchase of satellite access services from foreign companies. In this way, the ministry counts on supporting the stable operation of Russian TV and Internet networks, Kommersant reports, citing the presentation of the Ministry of Digital Development presented to the government.

In addition, the Ministry of Digitization proposes to increase tariffs for the use of the National Space System (GSS) and the National Space Systems Program (SPKS). The ministry emphasizes that in order to ensure stable operation of the internet and television, providers must use home devices.

Currently, the largest Russian satellite communications operators – Federal State Unitary Enterprise Kosmicheskaya Svyaz and Gazprom Space Systems (GKS) – operate in Russia on a par with foreign satellite operators Intelsat, JSAT, Eutelsat and ABS. However, due to the sanctions, imported equipment for the production of satellites has ceased to be available to Russian manufacturers. Previously, they consisted of 80% foreign components.

In its presentation, the agency points to the possible degradation of the constellation of communication and internet access satellites and broadcasting by 2030. By then, out of 12 FSUE “Space Communications” satellites, seven will have expired. At the same time, the number of foreign satellites in low orbits providing broadband access will exceed 10,000.

Among the possible consequences of such degradation are failures of the presidential, government and special satellite communication systems, problems with federal digital television, as well as the lack of communication in a large part of the Russian Arctic zone. The domination of foreign satellite constellations will lead to the fact that Russian companies will not be able to meet the needs of the country’s economy with modern communication services.


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