The GAZ Group filed a third lawsuit against Volkswagen for 15.6 billion rubles

MOSCOW, May 6 (Reuters) – The Gorky car factory, part of the GAZ Group, has filed another lawsuit against Volkswagen, seeking the return of 15.6 billion rubles from the automaker, according to arbitration files.

Details of the lawsuit, the text of which has not yet been published, are not provided.

Earlier, Gaz had already filed two lawsuits, trying to recover a total of around 44 billion rubles from Volkswagen. In particular, according to the materials of the court in one of the cases, the Russian factory is demanding repayment of debts and losses related to interruptions in the supply of Volkswagen engines and components. In both cases Gaz applied to the court to seize the property of the German car manufacturer, which plans to leave the Russian market in the near future. However, the court rejected the interim measures.

Volkswagen plans to sell its Russian assets, including a car plant in Kaluga with a production capacity of 225,000. vehicles per year.

In March last year, Volkswagen plants in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod stopped production after the group announced the suspension of operations in Russia until further notice, and in the summer the company decided to close the plant in Nizhny Novgorod. (Gleb Stolyarov. Text: Anastasia Lyrchikova)


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