The former deputy of the State Duma called for the capture of Istanbul

Semyon Bagdasarov, a political scientist and deputy to the State Duma of the 5th term, proposed to seize Istanbul, taking advantage of Turkey’s “difficult situation”. He announced this on the air of Solovyov Live.

“We will gather some forces in Turkey and return to our state, which historically belongs to us – Constantinople,” Bagdasarov said on the air.

According to Bagdasarov, Turkey is currently weakened by the economic crisis and the effects of the earthquake, so Russia should take advantage of this and return what historically belongs to it. He also called for “expulsion” of Turkey from Central Asia, reducing its influence in Ukraine and “expulsion” of it from the South Caucasus. “We will erect a cross over Hagia Sophia… and music, prayer in Aramaic, maybe in Russian,” he suggested.

“Thank God, there is a crisis. The crisis must end with the collapse and annexation of our territories,” added Bagdasarov.

Bagdasarov’s comments came after an adviser to the only Turkish opposition candidate, Kemal Kılıçdaroglu, Unal Cevikez, promised in an interview with Politico that if the opposition wins the upcoming elections in Turkey, Ankara will remind Russia of NATO membership.

According to Chevikez, relations between Russia and Turkey are currently asymmetric, as Ankara depends on imports of Russian energy resources. “In negotiations with Russia, we will certainly strive for equal relations. But we will also remind Russia that Turkey is a member of NATO,” he said.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Turkey on May 14, during which a president and 600 members of parliament will be elected.


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