The Federation Council changed its mind and blocked the amendment extending the age of conscription to 18-30 years

The Federation Council will be in favor of a new law on the age project, setting its age limit at the level of 18-30 years. This was stated by the speaker of the upper house, Valentina Matvienko, whose words are quoted by Interfax.

“If this bill is passed in this form, I think the senators will support it. Although in our country, each senator votes at his discretion, at his own discretion, after consulting, say, his region, ”Matvienko said at a press conference.

Discussions on this initiative are ongoing, consultations with senators and representatives of the regions are currently taking place, said Matviyenko. She emphasized that she saw no reason for excitement around the law: “It seems to me that it gives more opportunities in cases where there is a proven need, at the most convenient time for a given life situation, to join the army.”

On Tuesday, July 25, the State Duma plans to consider in the second and third readings a draft law on raising the conscription age to 30 years. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed at the end of 2022 to change the age of conscription from 18-27 to 21-30. In mid-June, the State Duma approved the initiative in the first reading. It provided for a three-year transitional period during which the age limit for conscription was raised annually.

However, the Defense Committee of the State Duma approved amendments to the bill on raising the upper limit of the military age without a transition period. According to a document published in the database of legislative activity of the House of Parliament of the Russian Federation, it is planned to increase the upper limit of the military age from January 1, 2024 to 30 years. At the same time, the lower bar set by the current legislation at the age of 18 is to remain unchanged.

Chairman of the Committee on Defense of the Federation Council Viktor Bondarev and Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation of the Federation Council Andrei Klishas criticized the law in its current form. They emphasize the need to return to the previous wording and set the minimum age of conscription at 21 years. In response, Kartapolov said that he did not intend to change his position, and that the commission had already supported the amendments and “the age of conscription will be between 18 and 30” because “it is necessary for the country and the armed forces.”


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