The father of the student who drew the anti-war cartoon wants to limit parental rights

The juvenile commission of the city of Efremov filed a lawsuit for restriction of parental rights against Alexei Moskalev, father of Masha, a sixth-grader who drew an anti-war picture. Earlier, the girl was transferred to a rehabilitation center.

The first meeting will take place March 15 at the Efremova inter-district court of the Tula region. REarlier, the chairman of the commission, Svetlana Davydova, said that since May 2022, the Muscovites have been conducting “preventive registration of families in a socially dangerous situation.” According to the official, the reason for this was that the girl’s father was twice brought to administrative responsibility and did not try to return his daughter to school, and Masha’s mother lived separately and was not interested in her life.

On March 2, Moskalov was placed under house arrest for “discrediting” the army. However, his daughter was not returned to him. Nothing has been known about her since March 1. The management of the shelter does not provide any information and ignores any questions. The phone that human rights activists brought to contact Masha with her father was never handed over. girl they are being held against her will and without a court order.

“Since March 1, we have not seen or heard Masha. First, the director of this center confirmed that they had a girlfriend, and then they completely stopped communicating with us, ”said Elena Agafonova, a friend of the family. Efremov Municipality MP Olga Podolskaja also said that she “tried several times to get into both the shelter and the juvenile committee. “Useless. We can’t even confirm he’s at this shelter. We’ll file a missing child report,” she said.

According to Agafonova, the court has forbidden Moskalov to communicate with anyone other than a lawyer, and he has no one to buy food: “He is devastated because he cannot communicate with his daughter and has no idea about her condition.”

Last spring, Masha Moskalova drew a woman in art class standing by the Ukrainian flag and shielding her child from missiles coming from Russia. The art teacher told the school principal, who contacted the police.

Since then, father and daughter have been repeatedly taken to the police station, interrogated by FSB officers, and searched in the family’s apartment. Moskalev’s social networks found comments supporting Ukraine, as well as cartoons of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The man was fined 32,000 rubles for “discrediting” the army, and then a criminal case was opened on the same charge. He faces up to three years in prison.

As a result, Moskalev and his daughter left Efremov. After some time, his lawyer Vladimir Bilenko informed that the police were looking for the man. Moskalov was detained again on March 1. He brings up Masha himself. The mother had not lived with them since the girl was three years old.


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