The family of the creator of Russian kamikaze drones has found a flat in London

The wife and son of the creator of the Russian combat kamikaze “Lancet” Alexander Zakharov – Svetlana and Lavrentiy – turned out to be the owners of an elite apartment in the center of London, write “Important Stories” with reference to the British property register.

According to the publication, the residential space was purchased in 2018, the transaction amount could have amounted to PLN 1.5 million pounds sterling (180 million rubles). The 100m² flat is located in Westminster, one mile from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. It has three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen with a dining room and a balcony.

Lavrentiy is the youngest son of Zakharov. I am 24 years old, has lived abroad for at least 8 years, his profile on Linkedin. Lavrenty was educated in the UK, graduating from University College London and then the London School of Economics with a Masters in Conflict Studies.

Since 2021, he has held positions at UN agencies in New York and Rome, and since May this year. works at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Geneva.

Svetlana Zakharova, together with her eldest son Nikita and daughter Maria, helps her husband in running the business. Alexander Zakharov he is engaged development and production of drones for over 15 years. He owns a controlling stake in the CST company, which is part of the Kalashnikov concern.

According to the investigation, after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense bought a UAV for 5.3 billion rubles from CST. Drone maker Lancet is under British sanctions, but Zakharov himself and his relatives have not been blacklisted. Propaganda stories on Russian state television regularly show how these circulating munitions are being used to strike Ukraine.

This is not the first time that the relatives of an arms supplier to the Russian military have spent money earned in the war on European real estate. In May, investigators from the Alexei Navalny Anti-Corruption Foundation determined that the family General Director of JSC “Korporacja “Tactical Missiles” (KTRV) Boris Obnosov owns luxury properties in the Czech Republic with a total value of over EUR 7 million.

So, The 37-year-old son-in-law of rocket engineer Rostislav Zorikov owns an old four-story building in the center of Prague. In addition, he and his wife are the owners A 140-meter penthouse nearby. In addition, Zorikov has collected a collection of luxury cars worth 77 million rubles.

During the NATO summit, Sirena’s correspondent asked Czech President Petr Pavel why the Czech Republic did not impose sanctions on Boris Obnosov. He explained this by the presence of a “legal problem”. “So far, there are no laws that would allow the Czech Republic to confiscate [его имущество]or send it from the Czech Republic. We are looking for solutions,” assured Paweł.


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