The ex-husband of Putin’s daughter has opened a criminal case in the Netherlands

Dutch prosecutors have arrested a plot in an Amsterdam suburb that belongs to Jorrit Faassen, the ex-husband of President Vladimir Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova, writes Proekt.

The arrest of the land means that criminal proceedings have been launched against Faasen, lawyer Helen de Linden says. The interest of the law enforcement authorities was also confirmed by an acquaintance of Putin’s former son-in-law. According to him, for this reason, Faassen, who had recently flown to Amsterdam, was forced to urgently return to Russia. However, the interlocutor was unable to provide details of the Dutch authorities’ claims.

In addition, a source in the Dutch intelligence services found out about Faassen’s interrogation. A representative of the prosecutor’s office declined to comment, and the man himself did not respond to calls or messages from journalists.

The Project, the Dutch publication Track Money, and the British Guardian learned that the arrested plot is located in the village of Duyvendrecht, for a long time it belonged to the structures of Putin’s friends, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. In 2019, Faassen bought the land for 450,000. euros, and two years later applied for the construction of a residential building and six office buildings there.

Faassen and Vorontsova were together from 2008 to 2016. They have an 11-year-old son, Roman, the only grandson of the Russian president who has appeared in public.

Faassen held prominent positions in Russian state-owned corporations and companies belonging to members of Putin’s inner circle, including being Vice-president of Stroytransgaz and deputy general director for development of the construction company RG-Development, founded by businessman Arkady Rotenberg.

Officially, Faassen and Vorontsova did not register the marriage. Perhaps this is what allowed the Dutchman to avoid sanctions.


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