The ex-commander of the Wagner, who asked for asylum in Norway, was going to be extradited to Russia

Andrey Medvedev, the former commander of the Wagner PMC unit, who requested asylum in Norway, was placed in a migration center and is about to be deported to Russia. He himself informed about this to the founder of the project, Vladimir Osechkin.

On January 20, Medvedev testified about the activities of Wagner PMC in the Oslo police department, and then he was transferred to a guarded villa. However after the former mercenary was outraged by the conditions due to constant supervision and various restrictions (for example, he was not allowed to call, and all utensils were removed from the kitchen, and he could not cook for himself), he was detained.

Medvedev claims he was accused of violating immigration laws, “wrapped his hands behind his back, handcuffed” and taken to a deportation center for illegal immigrants. He also refers to one of the employees who said: “You understand the consequences of refusing our conditions: you will be deported to Russia.” At the same time, earlier the Norwegian authorities registered a statement of a former mercenary with a request for political asylum and international protection.

The arrest was preceded by another incident. According to Medvedev, on that day, the guards suddenly decided to take him out for a walk, although before that all such requests were rejected. When at the appointed hour they left for the place, he offered to get on a boat, swim to a certain island and take a walk there. Medvedev refused, as he decided that from there he would be handed over to the Russian authorities or directly to the Wagner PMC.

In the migration center, a whole block was vacated for the former mercenary so that he could be there alone. During the conversation with Osechkin, Medvedev turned to the Norwegian authorities and asked not to deport him. “No matter what anyone says about me, I don’t consider myself a bad person. My goal is, firstly, to save my life, and secondly, to tell the world the truth about what is out there. [на войне в Украине] happens, <…> and punish Prigozhin and his commanders so that they stand trial and answer for their actions,” he said. According to the former mercenary, he “had no other goals when he crossed the Norwegian border” and wants to “live like a normal person.”

Earlier, the founder of Wagner PMC, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, confirmed that Andrei Medvedev worked for him as part of the so-called Norwegian battalion Nidhogg. According to him, the mercenary had the citizenship of this Scandinavian country. Prigozhin said Medvedev was “very dangerous” and should have been convicted “for attempted ill-treatment of prisoners”. The fugitive himself stated that he had been in the PMC for four months from 6 July to 6 November. He apologized to the Ukrainians for participating in the war against them. is confident that the extradition of Medvedev to Russia “will lead to his brutal murder.” “The transfer of a person who fled to Europe and began to testify <…> would be a big mistake and grossly violate his right to life,” Osechkin emphasized.


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