The engineers and technicians of the largest aircraft factory were offered to raise 3 billion to pay off the debts of the Il corporation

123. Zakład Remontu Lotniczy, servicing Il-76 aircraft, decided to collect funds on its own to cover the debts of PJSC Ił. According to the Aviatorishchina telegram channel, a box for collecting financial assistance for Ilyushin was installed at the enterprise.

PJSC Il, the parent company of the UAC transport aviation division, owes the plant 3 billion rubles. 123 ARZ conducts maintenance and repairs of its military transport aircraft under state defense procurement contracts and military-technical cooperation. The plant previously belonged to the Ministry of Defense, but in 2018 it came under the control of PJSC II as part of the formation of the United Aircraft Corporation transport aviation division.

In the summer, the Russian government approved a comprehensive program for the development of the air transport industry until 2030, for which it intends to allocate 770 billion rubles. To solve problems related to aircraft maintenance, 11 key organizations have been identified in the Council of Ministers. Their list has not been published.

The program could be thwarted by a plane failure, a delay in the delivery of new planes and a shortage of staff in the aviation industry, feared Oleg Panteleev, director of the industry agency Aviaport. He said key challenges for aircraft manufacturers are the unavailability of sanctioned components.

US and EU sanctions after the start of the war in Ukraine cut off Russia from the supply of aircraft and spare parts, their maintenance and insurance. In response, Moscow allowed airlines to register foreign leased aircraft.


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