The eighth top manager quit Sberbank after the start of the war

The head of Sberbank’s private banking division, Evgenia Tyurikova, is leaving the bank, Frank Media writes, citing three sources who learned this from the division’s employees.

Tyurikov announced her departure in December, clarifies one of the interlocutors of the publication. According to him, it is not yet known who will lead the direction instead of her.

Another interlocutor added that Tyurikova plans to work at the bank until the end of January, and then she will work on her own project.

Sber Private Banking is a division of Sberbank for wealthy clients with an entry threshold of 100 million rubles. Tyurikova headed it in 2016. In total, she has worked in the financial sector for 25 years.

After the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the fall of Sberbank under US sanctions, the bank began a series of dismissals of top managers.

In mid-May, three members of the board quit Sberbank at once: financial director Alexandra Buriko, head of the Sales Network block Sergey Maltsev, and curator of the Welfare block Natalya Alymova. In addition to them, the largest bank in Russia left senior vice presidenttechnical director of the group David Rafalovsky, who oversaw technologies, and supervisor SberX Andrey Vanin, and Senior Vice President for Strategy and HR Yulia Chupina. Andrey Shemetov, head of Sberbank CIB investment bank, also resigned in May.

In the spring, the US Treasury introduced blocking, most severe, sanctions against Sberbank, and then employees began to fall under the restrictions. Sanctions could not avoid and some retired top managers. Of these, Buriko and Maltsev fell under US restrictions.

In addition, shortly before the start of the war, in mid-February, the former First Deputy Chairman of the Board Lev Khasis left Sberbank, who was supposed to head the e-commerce direction of the bank. In the spring, he left for the United States, Vedomosti wrote.

“He was one of the first top managers of Sberbank to leave the country, which simply shocked the employees,” a bank source told the newspaper. At the same time, Great Britain imposed sanctions against Khasis, a US citizen.


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