The deputy commander of a military unit in the Moscow region was caught with a kilogram of mephedrone

Law enforcement agencies detained the deputy company commander for military-political work of military unit 3419 in Balashikha with a kilogram of mephedrone.

It happened on March 12 in the Ryazan region at the traffic police station “Solotchinsky”, writes a telegram of the ASTRA channel with regard to informed sources. According to “Attention, news” we are talking about 34-year-old Alexei Plaskunov, who rose to the rank of captain in Balashikha and became deputy company commander.

Together with the unemployed Rustam Kazumov, he borrowed a Lada car from a friend in the National Guard Grant and went along it to the Ryazan region. When the car driven by Plaskunov was stopped at the traffic police station and inspected, almost a kilogram of narcotic substance was found in it.

According to the news “Attention”, the security forces had a tip that Plaskunov may have transported a consignment of banned substances in the car Plaskunov was driving. The detention of Plaskunov and Kazumov was carried out with the participation of special forces who arrived at the scene. At the moment, both citizens are detained. A military investigation began to check Captain Plaskunov for involvement in attempted drug sales (Article 228(1) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Mephedrone appeared in Russia in the late 2000s and was banned in 2010. Initially, it was supplied from abroad, later the production of the drug was started in the country. To do this, they began to use cheap Chinese precursors. As of 2019, the production of 1 kg of mephedrone cost PLN 90,000. rubles, and a gram cost depending on the city from 1.6 thousand. up to 3.5 thousand rubles. In most Russian cities, mephedrone was one of the top five drugs, along with hashish, “gum” and amphetamines.


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