“The country will become inaccessible.” An MP from Novosibirsk proposed to take computers and smartphones from the Russians to defeat the West

Anatoly Kubanov, deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region, wrote a column for Zavtra, in which he demanded that the population be deprived of access to the Internet. His article states that “ruling supranational elites are building a global digital termite mound and imposing a technological revolution” and “indigenous governments that drive their peoples online are powerless”, therefore Russia is the flagship of hope.

According to the MP, the Internet is a “weapon of mass information and psychological destruction” and it is necessary to “definitely withdraw computing power from public circulation”. Computer technology should be used for its intended purpose – in science, industrial production, transport systems, military quarters, Kubanov lists.

Instead of a boring information society and numb hours of “forgetting to browse Internet channels”, the deputy demanded from the state to create a flexible, mobile social organization – from study houses to poetry palaces, from pensioners’ circles to engineers’ forums.

In his opinion, after two or three years of such a vanguard policy, Russia will be “properly sewered” and “become inaccessible to the synthetic, stupid Western post-human.” “We are not ashamed to talk about the abolition of this primitive digital world,” said the deputy marshal. He added that only in this way could Russia defeat the West.


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