The conscription age in Russia will be raised to 30 without a transition period

The State Duma refused to gradually raise the military age. The upper limit will be immediately raised to 30 years from January 1, 2024, according to amendments approved by the Defense Committee. The lower limit will remain the same – from 18 years.

Just a day ago, the head of the defense committee, Andrei Kartapolov, assured that the age of conscription was to be gradually increased. “Everything will be done in stages. Starting from 2024, it will be postponed by a year, to January 1, 2026, said the MP.

On July 25, the State Duma will immediately consider the bill in the second and third readings.

Earlier, the authorities decided not to raise the minimum age limit for conscription, although earlier deputies and senators, including the same Kartapolov, unanimously assured that by raising the bar to 21, more “mentally and physically mature people with a certain life experience, skills and competences” would be recruited into the army.

In the end, Kartapolov explained the rejection of the original idea with numerous appeals from 18-year-old Russians who wanted to serve, who allegedly accepted deputies.

New fixes it will allow to increase the number of citizens subject to conscription for 2.3 million people.

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