The conditions for repairing a car under OSAGO will increase 1.5 times due to the lack of parts

The Russian authorities “must” extend the repair time of OSAGO from 30 to 45 days due to difficulties in the supply of car parts. This was announced to Izvestia by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev.

Such a measure will increase the share of cars repaired under OSAGO, noted the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA). According to him, in 2021, 8.8% of cars were restored under mandatory policies, but by the end of last year this figure had fallen to 5.3%. In all other cases, customers were offered to pay in cash.

However, extending the repair time will not completely solve the problem. To do this, you need to start using remanufactured parts that do not affect road safety. For example, the rear and front bumpers, which are used in 12.8% and 7.1% of repairs, respectively.

The SOGAZ press service confirmed that 30 days is often not enough for a repair, since the delivery time for spare parts depends on the country of import and the brand of the car. From Europe, the average delivery time is 4-6 weeks, from the UAE – two to three weeks, but in some cases it is impossible to predict. Long-term deliveries of parts are typical for luxury brands, American cars and right-hand drive models, noted SOGAZ.

Some of the parts have already been imported to Russia and are located in large logistics centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But sometimes only delivery to other regions can take up to three weeks, says Vitaly Knyaginichev, director of the retail directorate of Ingosstrakh.

The period of 45 days is sufficient mainly for the restoration of Chinese and Korean cars, says Yulia Fedotova, head of motor insurance claims handling at Absolut Insurance. But in the case of European and Japanese brands, service stations often refuse to repair at all due to unspecified delivery times for parts, the expert adds.

Against this background, more and more Russians want to receive a cash payment in order to speed up the restoration of the car, says Yevgeny Stepanov, director of the claims department in Yugoria. According to him, they often use second-hand parts for this, including optics or glass, and carry out “garage repairs.”


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