The commander of the expedition to Moscow thanked the Wagnerites for their glory all over the world

The commander of the Wagner PMC, Dmitry Utkin, after whose call sign the company was named, thanked the mercenaries who agreed to move to Belarus after the mutiny. In the video made available by PMC-associated channels, he greeted the fighters who were handed the PMC flag from the Molkino military training ground near the village of Goryachiy Klyuch near Krasnodar.

“Yes, in case anyone doesn’t know, I’m the same Wagner. Most of you know me. I know most of you personally. Many thanks to all for the work done, thanks to this work, damn it, the name of Wagner PMC thundered around the world. Thank you for everything. Guys, thank you very much. A new stage is ahead of you. This is not the end, this is just the beginning of the greatest work in the world that is about to be done. Well, welcome to hell (“Welcome to Hell” – TMT)Ultkin concluded.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the military company, who was present in the same video, said that the mercenaries fought with dignity and did a lot for Russia. “Now what is happening at the front is a shame we don’t have to participate in. And wait for the moment when we can fully prove ourselves. Therefore, it was decided that we will be here in Belarus for some time,” said Prigozhin.

He also expressed his conviction that the Wagnerians would make the Belarusian army “the second army of the world” and would be ready to defend it if necessary. Prigozhin appealed to the mercenaries to “get ready”, raise the level, and after some time go to continue PMC operations in Africa or to the front in Ukraine.

The released video is Prigozhin’s first public appearance since the mutiny, during which Utkin’s Wagner column moved from Rostov to Moscow. Also, as Important Stories notes, this is basically Dmitry Utkin’s first public appearance.

In July, columns of PKW Wagner fighters began to arrive at the field camp near the town of Osipowicze. According to the Belarus Gayun project, only on July 18, three columns of the PMC Wagner, numbering 1,400-1,500 people, arrived in Belarus in civilian vehicles. In total, from July 11, the number of mercenaries who have arrived in Belarus may reach 2,500 people. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus confirmed the participation of Wagner instructors in training units of the Republic’s territorial forces in various military disciplines, including tactical shooting, engineering training, combat skills and tactical medicine.

Maksim Paevsky, head of the territorial defense department of the Belarusian General Staff, said that in the first place, the territorial defense troops will be trained in this way. The military command will later decide on the legitimacy of their use.


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