The CBR brought 10 and 5 ruble notes back into circulation

MOSCOW, July 17 (Reuters) – The Russian Central Bank said that 5 and 10 ruble notes, which had not been printed for several years, began to appear in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Central Bank Vice-President Sergei Belov said last year that it is planned to bring back into circulation ten-ruble and five-ruble notes – their issuance is cheaper than minting coins from rising metal prices.

“In 2022, the Bank of Russia resumed the printing of such banknotes. Now they are additionally covered with a protective varnish, which extends their service life. Printing became more profitable than coins. In some regions, such banknotes are already actively used,” the CBR press service told Reuters in response to a request.

The CBR clarified that we are not talking about the exchange of coins in denominations of 5 and 10 rubles for banknotes.

“Both these and others will be in circulation,” the regulator said.

In the near future, new 100-ruble banknotes will also appear in Moscow and the Moscow region, which have already begun to be distributed in other regions of the country. Their design differs from the banknotes of the 1997 sample, the main image of the reverse is the Monument to the Soviet Soldier of Rzhev, and the banknotes have better protection. (Elena’s Factory)


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