The authorities of St. Petersburg are launching a record-breaking military agitation campaign worth 200 million rubles

553 billboards advertising the military service contract will be placed in St. Petersburg, writes Fontanka, citing the media plan of the city administration. There will be 1,500 similar stickers in the subway, and in ground public transport – buses, trams and trolleybuses – the video of the campaign will be displayed on 1,800 screens and 2,870 multimedia panels.

The campaign to recruit volunteers for the war against Ukraine will be all-encompassing. Those who for some reason do not pay attention to the stickers and billboards will be drafted into the army by means of audio advertisements that will be played in every subway station.

Railway and bus stations will be plastered with posters with the slogan that “service in the army is the profession of a real man”. The same will appear at the Pulkovo airport.

Arousal will catch up with men in adult clinics. Each of the 111 municipalities will post leaflets inviting people to join the army. 5,000 posters will also be printed to be placed on the pediments and courtyards of residential buildings.

In early May, the Municipal Center for Advertising and Christmas Decorations signed contracts for advertising military service for a total amount of 172.2 million rubles. The winners were municipal outdoor advertising operators.

In addition, the press commission announced a competition for 6 million rubles for an information campaign on the Internet “about social guarantees and benefits provided to military personnel under the contract.” it is about 30 million impressions in Yandex Direct and 25 million – in W.K. Adult men living in St. Petersburg will be able to see the ad from July 1 to November 30. It will also be shown to users of the city’s Wi-Fi network in the Central, Petrograd and Wasileostrovskaya districts.

Media owned by the city will be obliged to publish about 500 campaign materials per month on service in the army. Also at that time, statements from 30 experts should appear in the media: representatives of the Western Military District, veterans of warfare and military service, and leaders of public opinion.

Reminding about the contract army and the benefits due will be at city events. Volunteers are involved for this purpose. For example, at the last Ice Cream Festival, they were instructed to distribute twenty thousand flyers.

The most active “hunting” for volunteers will take place during sports events (hockey, athletics, martial arts festival, football). Mobile information points will be installed there, where it will be possible to enlist in the army immediately.

Campaign tents will also appear on Russia Day, Youth Day and New Year’s Day. Hundreds of district events will distribute leaflets and agitate to go to war: a reconstruction festival in the Kalinin region, a KVN festival in Kolpin, a report from a dance studio in Lomonosov, and a concert in the Kirov region dedicated to Mother’s Day. On other days, volunteers will distribute leaflets at central metro stations.


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