The authorities confirmed the deaths of the pilots shot down by the Wagner Il-22

The government of the Ivanovo region recognized the death of the crew of the plane Il-22, shot down by Wagner mercenaries during the mutiny.

According to the report, the crew of a military plane stationed in the Ivanovo region died on Saturday “on military duty”.

“I extend my condolences and share the bitterness of loss with the families of the fallen heroes. During military service, each of them showed the features of a real officer: bravery, courage and dedication, loyalty to the oath, honorably fulfilling his military duty. Eternal memory to the heroes, ”the words of Governor Stanislav Voskresensky are quoted in the message.

The head of the region also ordered that the victims’ families be provided with “all necessary assistance”.

During the day, Wagner’s fighters shot down six helicopters and a plane, 13 pilots may have died, including eight members of the Il-22 crew, Fightbomber wrote. In the public of the Ivanovo region of VK, a list of the dead was published:

  • the commander of the Il-22, Captain Artem Sharoglazov. The man was born in 1991 in Ivanovo, he left behind two children, Olga Sharoglazova told the military wife of We Can Explain;
  • radio operator, senior warrant officer Sergei Staruszok;
  • senior aircraft mechanic, senior sergeant Alexei Skrykov, b. 1994;
  • instructor, lieutenant colonel Artem Milovanov, b. 1979;
  • flight engineer, captain Igor Volochilov, b. 1973;
  • Captain Viktor Popov, born 1980;
  • navigator Gennady Belyakin;
  • senior radio operator Wiktor Podrepny.

Two crew members they survived because they did not participate in the last flight.

Channel One correspondent Irina Kuksenkova also reported that Wagner PMC mercenaries shot down an Il-22 near Voronezh. According to her, the head of the mercenaries Yevgeny Prigozhin was asked why this happened, since the warship could not strike. Prigozhin replied that “the stupid bard in the column shot down everything that took off.”

The number of dead has not been officially announced. In his speeches after the rebellion, President Vladimir Putin spoke only of the courage of those who gave their lives bfathers. “The courage and sacrifice of the fallen heroes-pilots saved Russia from tragic, devastating consequences,” he said.

Important Stories found the names of three more dead helicopter pilots who were shot down during the mutiny. According to the publication, the Ka-52 navigator Denis Oleinikov and the pilot Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Vorozhtsov died. Another deceased person is Kirill Babaev, probably a member of the Mi-8MTPR helicopter crew.


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