The activist who accused Putin was sentenced to three years in prison for repeatedly “discrediting” the army

Ivanovo District Court of the Amur Region sentenced activist Vladislav Nikitenko to three years in prison for repeatedly “discrediting” the army (article 280 § 3 PC). The lawyer said Roman Bokov, broadcasting SOTA.

The reason for the initiation of criminal proceedings was 10 entries on social networks criticizing the war in Ukraine. The case was opened in the spring. Earlier, Nikitenko was fined 45,000 rubles as part of an administrative proceeding under the title article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Court May 23 sent the activist is under house arrest, but in July the preventive measure was changed to a remand prison, where he went on a hunger strike.

Nikitenko is believed to be the first person prosecuted under the article about repeatedly “discrediting” the army. He was also charged with five counts of insulting a judge. The prosecutor demanded 3 years and 2 months in prison for him. An activist himself asked him to impose a sentence equal to the sentence already served in the detention center and under house arrest – 11 months.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Nikitenko filed motions with the military prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee, demanding the initiation of criminal proceedings against President Vladimir Putin and other members of the Security Council for inciting war and acts of international terrorism. None of them was registered, and the activist appealed to the court against each refusal.

Then Nikitenko twice sent in custody on chargesdisplay of Nazi symbols due to old posts on social networks that have been checked and have not resulted in any claims in 2017 Human rights project “Memorial” recognized political prisoners activists.


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