Since the beginning of the 22/23 season, Russia has exported over 56 million tons of grain – Cereal Quality Assessment Center

MOSCOW, May 18 (Reuters) – Russia has exported 56.9 million tons of grain since the start of the 2022/23 season, said Maria Szostak, deputy director of the Grain Quality Assessment Center at the All-Russian Grain Forum.

Her words are quoted by the telegram channel of the forum’s organizer – the Union of Grain Exporters.

Exports to the Middle East amounted to 24.4 million tonnes, to Asia – 17.2 million tonnes and 15.3 million tonnes to Africa. She noted that increases are observed in all key markets.

Russia has not released regular grain export statistics since last year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin estimated Russian grain exports this season, ending June 30, at 55-60 million tons.

Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev announced that, according to the ministry’s forecasts, exports next season will be at the level of 50-55 million tons, assuming that the grain harvest in 2023 will be at least 123 million tons, of which at least 78 million tons is wheat. (Olga Popova)


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