Sibiriak commuted the stabbing sentence because of the victims’ discrediting of the army

Ivan Chistyakov, a resident of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison for stabbing friends who “discredited” the Russian army during a feast.

Chistyakov was tried under two articles: intentionally causing grievous (up to 10 years in prison) and light bodily harm (up to 2 years in prison).

As a result, the Raduhnsky City Court of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug found Chistyakov guilty, but considered the fact that the victims “publicly discredited” the Russian Armed Forces as a mitigating circumstance, the press service of the court reported (the publication Sibir .Realii was the first to notice this).

According to the version of the investigation, Chistyakov drank in the kitchen in the company of friends. At some point, the audience began to argue about the war in Ukraine. “Some men started talking rudely about the Russian-speaking population and having SVOs,” the court’s press service said.

Chistyakov, in response to this, took a knife from the table and stabbed one of his acquaintances at least three times in the back of the head, and then delivered another blow to the lower back. He struck the second acquaintance at least five times in the chest area, left shoulder and left thigh.

At the same time, the court found both victims guilty of “discrediting” the army and fined them.

In addition, the court took into account other mitigating circumstances in Chistyakov’s case: the presence of a small child, a minor disabled child and a disabled dependent father, as well as a confession of guilt and an “apology to the victims”. which they have accepted.”

After the start of the war in Ukraine, Russian courts regularly reduce the penalties for its participants, as well as for those who express a desire to go to war or donate money for the needs of the army, wrote Important Stories.

In most cases, the defendants received reduced sentences for homicide, theft, drug trafficking and other crimes. In only a quarter of sentences, convicts received the same type of punishment as most defendants in similar criminal cases.

According to Western intelligence, almost all Russian combat-ready units could have taken part in the hostilities in Ukraine. Thus, several hundred thousand Russians have already gone through the war, and last autumn another 300,000 were mobilized.


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