Shoigu, following Prigozhin, began to recruit prisoners for the war in Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense began recruiting prisoners following the Wagner PMC. This became known from the words of Leonid Obrazkov, who was taken prisoner in Ukraine and spent 20 years in Russian prisons. An interview with him was published by Ukrainian blogger Vladimir Zolkin.

Earlier, “Important Stories” wrote about the recruitment of prisoners by the department, but then it was only about the “red colonies”, where former employees of law enforcement agencies are serving their sentences. 41-year-old Obrazkov said that he had nothing to do with them and was imprisoned under various articles, including theft, theft and arson.

According to him, the recruitment took place through the deputy head of the colony, who called the prisoners and invited them to join the “evacuation group” at the request of the Ministry of Defense. “Us recruited to pull out “two hundredth” (dead), “three hundredth” (wounded). <...> We all knew about Wagner that it was better not to go there – everything is tough there. But the Ministry of Defense thought that everything was different. <...> There was more faith that there really was an evacuation,” Obrazkov clarified, adding that they were promised money and some paper with a good description.

However, in the end, the recruited prisoners ended up in the trenches on the front lines. Where exactly is not reported. “I don’t know how we ended up in this situation and whether they know about it up there. Your [украинские военные] when we climbed into the trench, we saw that we had no weapons, nothing. The weapons were all broken. We didn’t even have grenades. And when we got out of the trench, they [спросили]: “Wagner”? We: “No, the Ministry of Defense.” They themselves were surprised,” Obrazkov said.

According to him, he does not know how to shoot, the recruited prisoners were not prepared for the attack, and they “threw them to the front line without food and water.” “I was only after the hospital, I didn’t recover from a concussion, <…> an order was received urgently to the front line, we gathered, thought, evacuation, and then – bam! – and in three hours he was already here. We sat in a trench for two days, waiting for someone to say something, to explain it. There was no one at all, ”obrazkov noted.

He blames the commanders who “were assigned” to them for what happened. The prisoner added that if he had known that they would be thrown into the attack, he would not have gone anywhere, because he has hepatitis C, he “barely walks” and is not trained to fight. “I love my people, my country, but with the authorities, judging by my tattoos, I can’t. This is politics, it’s not for me. I went purely to evacuate the boys, as I was told, promised. <...> There was hope and the money was not bad, ”Obrazkov concluded.


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