SberDevices has launched the assembly of computers in pilot mode

(This material was produced in Russia, where legislation restricts coverage of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine)

MOSCOW, Jan 19 (Reuters) – The company SberDevices, founded by Sberbank and left after the imposition of sanctions against the state bank, has decided to assemble computers in pilot mode under its own brand, the company’s press service told Reuters.

The developer of smart user devices SberDevices has issued documents for the supply of tablets and laptops to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Kommersant newspaper wrote on Thursday, citing registry data for delivery to the EAEU.

According to the Unified Register of Certificates of Conformity, on January 16, 2023, the Salyutdevices company, which owns the SberDevices brand, declared tablets under the Tab.

Last September, it registered laptops and PCs. In December, SberDevices also registered certificates for Centrum servers, SmartRack software and hardware systems and other computer equipment, the newspaper wrote.

“We are actively developing our own consumer electronics line, which already includes smart TVs and smart home devices. It is also important for us to consistently and timely provide employees with productive equipment that meets all the requirements of reliability and cybersecurity. Therefore, we decided to assemble computers in pilot mode under our own brand for our employees,” the SberDevices press service said in response to a Reuters request.

According to the source of the newspaper, SberDevices delivered several thousand tablets to Sberbank at the end of 2022, the devices are being tested and will be used in bank branches in the future.

The press service of SberDevices did not answer the question of whether the new equipment will appear in retail sales. (Elena Factory)


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