Saratov students will be sent to military training

In the Saratov region, schoolchildren began to undergo a five-day military camp. They learn drill, tactical and combat training, as well as first aid. In addition, teenagers are told about the history of Russia, special attention is paid to the participants in the war in Ukraine. Such classes are called “lessons of courage”, reports “Russia 1”.

One of the teachers, the head of the Avangard structural unit, Alexei Krasnov, said that 36 hours were allocated directly to the training: “5-10 minutes of the introductory part, a briefing on security measures, the rest of the time is practical exercises on issues related to a specific topic.”

For five days, students live in a center that can accommodate up to 100 people. Similar institutions were established in Bałaków and Engels. Teenagers will be admitted throughout the year, according to the plan, 3,000 people will be trained in each city. Armored vehicles for training provided by DOSAAF and the Gagarin Aeroclub.

Similar fees apply in Sakhalin and other regions of Russia.

In 2023, the expenditure of the federal budget on “education of patriotism among citizens” as part of the nationwide “Education” project increased more than 6 times. They are to spend 39.7 billion rubles on military propaganda lessons, the purchase of props and the financing of “patriotic” camps for children, compared to 6.47 billion rubles in 2022. Next year, spending will increase by another 13%, to 44.32 billion rubles.

Every year, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to allocate for patriotic education in schools an amount corresponding to the budget of a poor Russian region, such as Karachay-Cherkessia (41 billion rubles) or the Republic of Adygea (43.4 billion rubles).


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