Russia’s April duty on oil exports will remain at March level at $14.2/tonne, Reuters estimates

MOSCOW, March 14 (Reuters) – Tariffs on Russian oil exports in April 2023 will remain unchanged from March at $14.2 a tonne, according to preliminary Reuters calculations based on data from traders. The average price of Russian Urals oil in the monitoring period from February 15 to March 14 increased to USD 50.8 per barrel, compared to USD 50.5 per barrel in the previous monitoring period, which determined the duty in March. The duty on light petroleum products (except naphtha) – gasoline, diesel and lubricating oils – will repeat the March figure of $4.2 per tonne in April. The rate of duty on gasoline in April will also be unchanged from March and will amount to USD 7.8 per tonne; for dark petroleum products it will remain at USD 14.2 per tonne. The duty rate on oil is calculated on the basis of monthly monitoring of the price of offshore shipments of Russian Urals oil in the period up to the 15th day of the month preceding the month in which the duty is in force. For the calculation of export duties in 2023, an adjustment factor of 0.167 is applied in accordance with the Customs Tariff Act. Below the values ​​of export tariffs on oil and petroleum products (in dollars per tonne) in April 2023 as calculated by Reuters and actual values ​​in March 2023: Product April 23 March 23 Oil, total 14.2 14.2 Naphtha 7, 8 7.8 Light petroleum products, excluding naphtha 4.2 4.2 Motor gasolines 4.2 4.2 Diesel oil 4.2 4.2 Heating oils, dark petroleum products 14.2 14.2 Uncalcinated petroleum coke 0 .9 0.9 Lubricating oils 4.2 4.2


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