Russians will be sentenced to 15 days in prison for portraits of Hitler

The State Duma has expanded the list of extremist materials, the distribution, production or storage of which is punishable by a fine or arrest. The relevant act was adopted in the third and final reading.

The list was supplemented with the works of functionaries of the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany and the Fascist Party of Italy, statements and images of leaders of organizations recognized as criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In addition, Russians will be punished for disseminating publications “justifying national or racial superiority” and for war crimes.

The perpetrators face administrative responsibility in the form of detention for up to 15 days or a fine of up to 3,000 rubles. Legal entities will have to suspend work or pay a fine of 100,000 to one million rubles. After the entry into force of the decision, a person will not be able to participate in elections for a year.

Previously, the penalty was provided only for the distribution of materials included in the relevant list of the Ministry of Justice. Now it has over 5,000 items.

Previously State Duma adopted in first reading draft law on the classification of extremist materials maps or images “undermining Russia’s territorial integrity.” It is proposed to consider as such maps without the annexed regions of Ukraine, including Crimea.

In the second reading, the Ministry of Justice proposed an amendment according to which liability would only apply if these images were intentionally created. This clarification will remove from the scope of the new standard materials published before the annexation of Ukrainian lands.


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