Russians were offered to go to work in the circus instead of going to war

The Ministry of Labor has extended the list of occupations for the Alternative Civil Service (AGS). Now, instead of going to the army, young people will be able to work as a puppeteer, nanny, baker or dressmaker. The order of the department is published on the legal information portal.

The list of new occupations for ACS included 47 specialties – 25 for workers and 22 for employees. Another 22 professions were excluded from the list, including cloakroom attendant, courier, postman, billing improvement worker, mechanic repairing heating network equipment, window cleaner and others. Thus, the list currently includes 149 specialties.

ACS is a replacement for the urgent call to work “in the interests of society and the state”. Citizens whose beliefs or religion are incompatible with military service may apply for it, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. An ACS employee receives a job in accordance with the Labor Code. He gets a salary and can take a vacation. However, the survivability in ACS is higher than in the military. For people working in a civilian enterprise it will be 21 months, and in a military organization – 18 months.

Every year, the Ministry of Labor generates lists of occupations for alternative service. The federal service Rostrud, which is subordinate to it, directs citizens to alternative service and selects jobs on the basis of data from the Ministry of National Defense.

Persons called up for mobilization may also apply for ACS. In November, President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing alternative service for mass conscripts. Despite this, military officers often refuse to accept applications for ACS.


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