Russians’ faith in a happy future has fallen to a minimum in 14 years

Russians have ceased to hope that the new year will be better than the previous one. The war in Ukraine, which resulted in thousands of losses, large-scale economic problems and made Russia the world’s main outcast, shook the faith of citizens in positive changes in the state.

As for personal results, 52% of respondents called the past year generally good for themselves and their families, 45% – difficult. Fedorov believes that the result was influenced by various social payments, as well as the fact that in the conditions of the war, “when the risks of life safety became actual, the claims and ambitions of people themselves decreased somewhat.” “In a situation where there is no time for fat, when there is a real crisis, when there is a military conflict, when sanctions, attempts to isolate and threats have increased dramatically, here people begin to appreciate such basic things. There is health, there is food, there are dear, nice people, there is work, and it becomes more significant, ”he explained.


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