Russian students may be sent to restore Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of ​​sending student detachments to rebuild cities in Donbass destroyed during the war, but said that “the situation is still complicated in many regions.”

“The idea is good. Of course, the student detachments are also in demand for the restoration of the territories you mentioned. The only thing that clearly prevents me from deploying it widely is security issues. We need to think about needed, ”Putin said (cited by TASS) at a meeting with students of Moscow State University.

According to him, “not everything is simple” in Donbass yet, and the situation is “complicated”. “And if massively students work there, well, just, you know what, you can’t keep track of everyone, and unfortunately, the enemy doesn’t take anything into account,” Putin explained.

Recently, the Stroykom company, which recruited people on the Internet for work in the occupied territories of Ukraine, stopped hiring, the personnel department of the organization told The Moscow Times. “While we do not send people to Ukraine, most likely the dispatch will happen in the spring, when it is calmer there,” said Strykom.

Prior to this, the company was looking for carpenters, installers and builders who knew how to handle concrete in VK. Workers were needed to “strengthen facilities for the army with a length of 22 km”, which included installing anti-tank ditches and hedgehogs. The builders were promised 1400 rubles. daily allowance and at the rate of 300 rubles. One o’clock.

Whereas, according to the Moscow Times Based on open sources, up to a hundred workers have died in the occupied territories of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Russian authorities are demanding that controlled media not advertise the cases of their deaths. Also, no payments have still been made to the injured builders or the families of those killed in the occupied territories. Only in January, the Ministry of Defense prepared a draft presidential decree on guarantees for workers, but it is not known when it will be signed.

At the same time, Russia is not going to rebuild all the destroyed cities. So, for example, last year the authorities of the self-proclaimed LPR refused to restore Popasnaya, and after the capture of Soledar in January of this year, Denis Pushilin, the head of the self-proclaimed DPR, declared that it was unfair Rebuild destroyed houses in the city.

In the spring of 2022, Russia actually destroyed Mariupol, a city with a population of 425 thousand people. After that, the Russian government adopted a three-year plan for the restoration of the city. “In general, we plan to complete our three-year plan for the restoration of multi-apartment housing in the city in two years,” said Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusulin, who is responsible for construction in the cabinet. Said in November.

In total, 28 thousand builders work in Mariupol. They are restoring 1,250 items, of which only 150 have been fully restored. However, the problem of connecting objects to networks destroyed during the hostilities remains, Khusnullin admitted.

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