Russian schoolchildren will learn to control drones in the lessons of “Protecting the homeland”

Russian schools will start teaching the basics of combat use of drones. Such a course was included in the lessons of initial military training.informed Senator Artem Sheikin, Deputy Chairman of the Digital Economy Development Council at the Federation Council, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the initiative has been approved by the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education, and classes will start on September 1, 2023. The program provides for the study of “types, purposes, operating characteristics and general construction” of drones. In addition, students should master “terrain recognition and ways to counter hostile drones,” Sheikin noted.

He called the objectives of the course “to raise a sense of love for the homeland in high school students and to prepare them for service in the Armed Forces.”

Before that Public schools have started buying drones for future classes, Important Stories wrote, citing government procurement data. In different regions, from 1 to 15 million rubles are spent on these purposes.

Educational institutions became interested in buying drones after President Vladimir Putin called for the introduction of courses on how to use these devices in educational programs. “This so-called early-career guidance will ultimately benefit the country,” he noted.

Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov said that basic military training in schools will be conducted as part of life safety lessons. The day before, this subject was renamed “Fundamentals of Homeland Security and Defense”.

School children will be taught how to use the Kalashnikov assault rifle and how to provide first aid. They will also be briefed on the principles of operation of the F-1 and RGD-5 grenades. In addition, the military training program includes “history lessons” on the war in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense proposed recruiting teachers from among citizens who had previously served in contract officer positions, giving priority to veterans. Kravtsov supported this initiative, noting that those who fought in Ukraine can “come and tell the truth like no one else.”

Previously, the State Duma allowed the signing of a contract for the provision of services directly from the school. Now every adult citizen can voluntarily enlist in the army, even if he does not have a secondary vocational or higher education. The rule according to which the conclusion of the contract was possible only after three months of military service was also abolished.


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