Russian doctors demanded that doctors be allowed to see Navalny and stop putting him in a punishment cell

Russian doctors have started collecting signatures under an appeal to President Vladimir Putin calling for “stop bullying” of politician Alexei Navalny in Colony No. 6 in Melehovo. Doctors are asking to allow civilian doctors to see the oppositionist and make sure that they stop putting him in a punishment cell (SHIZO), from where he has practically not been released since August.

The appeal was published by the surgeon Alexander Vanyukov. “We are representatives of the medical community and citizens of the Russian Federation. Our job is to heal people and alleviate their suffering. We cannot and do not have the right to calmly look at the deliberate infliction of harm to the health of politician Alexei Navalny, which takes place in correctional colony No. 6 of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Vladimir Region, ”the text says. So far, more than 100 people have signed the letter.

On the eve it became known that a prisoner was placed with Navalny in the ShIZO, who was kept together with patients with the flu. After that, Navalny had a fever, as well as a fever and cough. At the same time, lawyer Alexander Fedulov said that the representative of the colony named medicines that could be brought, but subsequently the drugs were not taken.

Doctors note that Navalny’s “conditions of detention and appearance” cause them “great concern”, and “the refusal of representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service to transfer the necessary medicines creates a direct threat” to his life. “From a medical point of view, it is obvious that Aleksei does not receive sufficient medical care, and keeping him in a punishment cell is absolutely contraindicated in his condition. <...> We demand that civilian doctors be allowed to see him and, if there is evidence, hospitalize him in a civilian hospital for a full examination and treatment, ”the appeal emphasizes.

Once again, for the 10th time, Navalny was put in a punishment cell on December 31. The politician was charged with breaking the rules for washing at 5:24 instead of 6:00 in the morning and was sentenced to 15 days. In total, Navalny has spent over 100 days in isolation. According to him, for every 10 days in the ShIZO he loses an average of 3.5 kilograms of weight.


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