Russian deputies published an appeal in support of Navalny

More than 80 current and former deputies of various levels signed an appeal in support of politician Alexei Navalny. They demand to stop putting the oppositionist in a punishment cell (SHIZO) and allow civilian doctors to see him.

An open letter addressed to the President of Russia, Attorney General and Human Rights Council. The text was published by the former municipal deputy of the Moscow district “Ostankinsky” Sergey Tsukasov.

“To everyone who follows the fate of Alexei, it is extremely clear that the purpose of his continuous placement in a punishment cell is to create unbearable conditions in places of deprivation of liberty and cause harm to his physical and mental health, as well as a threat to life,” the appeal says.

The deputies demanded to immediately release Navalny from the ShIZO, to provide him with medical assistance, including hospitalization in a civilian hospital if he had evidence. In addition, the administration of the colony must to stop issuing a policy of unreasonable disciplinary sanctions, “aimed at creating unbearable conditions of detention and preventing legally guaranteed meetings with close relatives,” the appeal emphasizes.

The signatories also demand that a “public and open supervisory review of the legality of actions related to the threat to Alexei Navalny’s right to life” be carried out and that those responsible be brought to justice. The deputies recalled that among their voters there are also “supporters of Alexei Navalny, who for many years supported his political activities and the fight against corruption.”

As the deputies added, despite the fact that in modern Russia “even expressing one’s opinion on the Internet is associated with high risks of persecution,” they cannot ignore the illegal application of disciplinary measures against Navalny. “It seems to you that everything is in order – no one protests, everyone is silent. We are not silent,” they stressed.

Earlier, similar collective appeals in support of Navalny were published by doctors and lawyers. After that, the politician was able to transfer part of the medicines bought for him, and he was also given an additional two cups of boiling water a day.

Navalny is serving a term in strict regime colony No. 6 in Melehovo, Vladimir Region. Once again, for the 10th time, he was sent to the ShIZO on December 31. He was charged with violating the order for washing his face half an hour before the scheduled time, and was punished for 15 days. In the isolation ward, he developed a fever and developed a fever and cough. Navalny attributes this to the fact that a convict was placed next to him, who had previously been specially kept in a hospital with flu patients. In total, Navalny has spent more than 110 days in isolation. According to him, for every 10 days in the ShIZO, he loses an average of 3.5 kg of weight.


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