Russian defense plants went into war mode

Russian defense plants actually transferred their work to the war regime to meet the needs of the troops fighting in Ukraine for ammunition. As RIA Novosti told the state corporation Rostec, the production of ammunition has increased many times, and for some types of products – dozens of times.

“The industry is shipping all types of ammunition at an accelerated rate, from bullets to precision guided missiles, to meet the needs of troops. The munitions industry has actually entered military soil: production has increased many times, and for some types of products – dozens of times, ”said the corporation.

The head of Rostieć, Sergei Chemezov, said earlier that the concern is investing tens of billions of rubles in the modernization and re-equipment of plants for the production of special chemicals and ammunition components.

In January, Chemezov reported that the Russian military-industrial complex was working “virtually around the clock” to produce weapons for the war in Ukraine. For this summer The Defense Act was amended to allow the authorities to introduce “special measures in the economic sphere”, including changing the “method and conditions of performing work outside fixed working hours, at night, on weekends and holidays”.

In late November, Russian President Vladimir Putin He demanded increase the amount of military equipment produced and improve its characteristics. At the same time, he emphasized that it was not necessary to introduce “any extraordinary measures”.

At a meeting of the board of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Putin emphasized that “the country, the government give everything that the army asks for”, so the army “has no financial constraints”. In 2022, the budget provided for 3.472 trillion rubles. under the heading “national defense”. Of these funds, 2 trillion rubles. were to be included in the state arms production program.


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