Russia stops issuing 10-year passports

Residents of a number of Russian regions were immediately warned about the suspension of the issuance of foreign passports of the new style. According to Sota, Gosuslugi is offering to issue five-year-old-style passports starting January 20.

The Tver MFC warns citizens that in the region, until mid-March, only passports without biometrics are issued. It is not known when the documents for the new sample can be obtained. Within the stipulated time limit, only old type passport can be obtained.

“In connection with information received from JSC Goznak, the production of passports with electronic storage medium has been temporarily postponed until mid-March 2023 for technical reasons. This information is given to citizens, and in case of an urgent need to travel outside the Russian Federation, they are advised to apply for a passport valid for five years, ”the TIA agency quotes a message from the regional police. Is.

The Orsk Migration Department also talks about technical problems at the Goznak Printing Factory. They also promise to issue international passports with biometrics from the second half of March 2023. You can now apply for the old fashioned passport.

On 26 August, Russian consulates stopped accepting applications for the issuance of new generation passports. After this, the need to re-format the electronic media was told. The issuance of conventional passports for a period of five years continued as before. On 20 September, the Russian Foreign Ministry resumed accepting documents for the issuance of ten-year passports.

The term for issuing a passport upon submission of an application at the place of residence is one month. If citizens have information of special importance or state secrets, the document is drawn up in three months.

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