Russia reduced the army on the border with Finland by 4 times

Russian troops stationed near Finland suffered heavy losses in Ukraine. In particular, their number has decreased by more than 25% compared to the pre-war situation. Intelligence Chief of the General Staff of the Finnish Self-Defense Forces, Rear Admiral Juha Vohkonen, to the newspaper Svenska Yelle.

He clarified what he meant by regular ground troops, paratroopers and marines. In addition, a large amount of weapons and special equipment were sent to Ukraine from various warehouses. According to Vohkonen, only the Baltic and Northern Fleets with their large ships are in the same position as they were about a year ago.

Vohkonen believes Russia will need several years to restore the capabilities of the group deployed near the border with Finland. The timing will depend on the state of the Russian economy after the end of the war and whether other countries comply with the sanctions.

“The threat of a sudden direct Russian invasion of Finland in the near future is unlikely,” he said. Furthermore, Vohkonen stressed that his country has worked hard on technological development and international relations and “became stronger than ever.”

Reports of Russian troop movements and losses have previously appeared both in the media and in social networks. Last fall, Yale talked about the disappearance of anti-aircraft units and air defense systems located near St. Petersburg.

end of september, overseas Policy With reference to the Western Army. Before the start of the offensive, there was a group of 30 thousand people, but Moscow had to send most of it to the front due to heavy losses. According to an estimate by two unnamed members of the defense departments of European Union countries, only about 6,000 Russian troops remained in the Baltic region and the Kaliningrad region at the time.

On 24 January, Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, said that The intention of Finland and Sweden to join NATO was one of the factors influencing Russia’s decision to “adjust plans for the creation and development of the armed forces”, as the country’s leadership sought to “neutralize these threats”. The task was set. In particular, an army corps will be created for these purposes in the Moscow and Leningrad military districts, as well as in Karelia.

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