Rosselkhozbank intends to redeem subordinated Eurobonds for USD 500 million on time

MOSCOW, May 18 (Reuters) – The systemically important state-owned Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) intends to fully repay its $500 million subordinated bond issue on Oct. 16, 2023. Telephone conference on Thursday.

Earlier, Rosselchozbank, which was sanctioned by Western countries, announced that it would pay coupons to both Russian and foreign Eurobond holders in rubles.

“In October there will be a redemption of subordinated Eurobonds for USD 500 million. And there will be no problems with their redemption, we will buy them back, especially since almost half of these bonds have been redeemed from us on the balance sheet,” Levin said.

“Coupons are paid to Russian residents, and in the case of non-residents, coupons are paid to the issuer’s account – here we act in accordance with the decisions of the president and the government” – he added.

The issuer of the securities is RSHB Capital SA (Elena Fabrichnaya)


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